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Vatican Radio for the Radios

Vatican Radio broadcasts in 45 languages and is part of an intensive radios network that all over the world rebroadcast Vatican Radio programmes upon prior agreement of the General Management. This belong to an old tradition of services and technical assistance that Vatican Radio offers to other radios (public, local, catholic or not).

Vatican Radio also assures the broadcasting, diffusion and distribution of international sound (with or without commentary in different languages)of all Pope’s cerimonies (General Audience, Sunday Angelus, pontifical ceremonies or major events). Vatican Radio has the institutional task to record, amplify and distribute the sound of all the Pope public activities.



General Schedule Broadcasting
Waves and Satellites


The International Relations Office is charged with overseeing these interrelationships, which might call for providing technical and editorial assistance to journalists and technicians on assignment abroad, or offering international exchanges of different radio programmes ( religious, cultural, musical or news).

For further contacts: International Relations Office


Part of this area is reserved for subscribers to Vatican Radio’s information services.

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