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Pilgrim Popes

Benedict XVI chose to include as symbol on his papal coat of arms the scallop shell , used for centuries to distinguish pilgrims.

Highlighting how he would follow in the footsteps of his predecessor to the See of Peter John Paul II whose travels were a trademark of his pontificate.

No other pope travelled so much and so far, yet the first pilgrim pope was Paul VI, the first Roman Pontiff ever to board an aeroplane.

And wherever the popes have gone the Pope's Radio has gone with them.

Bringing the Pope's voice , as Benedict XVI highlighted on his visit to Vatican Radio, "… to every part of the world …so as to understand, respond and build up the family of God…in which all are brothers and sisters in the multiplicity of cultures and languages and thus constitute a peace –making force." Vatican Radio, Friday 3 March 2006

Benedict XVI
John-Paul II
Paul VI

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